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The Rife Machine - From Concept to Modern Computers

About The Rife Machine

The original Rife Machine was invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 30s. He was seeking a cure for cancer when he came across new technology that has literally changed the way we look at the universe.

Through the use of a plasma ray beam modulated by audio frequencies, he had found that the frequencies could in fact destroy cancer cells and viruses through resonance, without hurting the healthy cells in the body. This was the concept the original Rife Machine. The Rife Machine frequencies that destroy the cells have become known simply as Rife Frequencies.

Many of his works and scientific proof of his findings were published in the top medical publications of the day up through the 1950s and are now available on the Internet.

Rife MicroscopeThe success of the original Rife Machine was largely possible due to the extremely high powered Rife Microscope that Dr. Rife had also invented. This was the first and highest power optical microscope then and still by today's standards is amazing, as far as optical microscopes go. It had 5,682 parts in it. Rife's microscope allowed him to see the cells and their reaction to frequencies that he was subjecting them to.

Later, Robert Crane and a new group of scientists found that the RF plasma ray was not necessary. The cancer cells could be destroyed at by resonating them at the audio frequencies of their inherent resonance. They had also found frequencies for curing many other diseases and viruses, one with great success and recognition was Lyme Disease. Devices using hand-held electrodes and electricity had become the mid era of the Rife Machine, but much has been learned since then.

With the new knowledge, there was a surge of people altering electronic function generators and selling them as Rife Machines. Beware, because of some of these, as some claim to have “1 million healing frequencies”, because the function generators operate from 1 Hz to 1 million Hz. NOT ALL OF THE FREQUENCIES IN THAT RANGE HEAL AND MANY ARE EVEN DANGEROUS!

Today, the latest Rife Machine systems are computer based, because of modern advancements in technology. They are safe, more versitile and the most powerful Rife systems available to date. The best Rife Machine systems to date, are Life Frequencies Systems by bztronics. These powerful systems were developed by a doctor who worked with Dr. Rife, and engineers and scientists from bztronics.

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