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Frequencies - The Heartbeat of the Universe

Rife Frequencies, like all frequencies are the underlying heartbeat of the universe. From the earth rotating around the sun, the moon rotating around the earth down to electrons rotating around a nucleus of an atom - the universe is composed of frequencies.

Frequencies can heal or kill. Rife frequencies are for healing and there has been years of research done on the healing properties of frequencies, since the beginning of recorded records of mankind.

When considering Rife Frequencies, you can take the easy road, mainly due to extensive research by Dr. Nenah Sylver and Brian McInturff.

Life Frequencies systems by bztronics have built-in sweep generators for finding new frequencies for emerging diseases and future bird flu strains etc...

Life Frequencies Pro II also has the complete Hulda Clark frequency list converted to Rife Frequencies, which adds thousand of tested healing frequencies to the program.

Nenah Sylver’s book, “The Rife Handbook” is packed with frequencies and explanations on how and when to use them.

Brian McInturff maintains the CAFL (Consolidated Annotated Frequency List). These are incredible undertakings on both of their parts and a great contribution for humanity.

Anyone interested in Rife Frequencies and Rife Technology should have their books and info!


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